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Meet our guest speakers in person: experts of translation, publishers from German speaking countries and Asia Pacific as well as representaives of partner organisations.


Elisabeth Ruge

Elisabeth Ruge is an editor, publisher and literary agent. She studied English, American and Slavic studies in Frankfurt a.M., Moscow and the US. 

Julian Müller

Julian Müller studied North-American-Studies, Musicology and Literary Translation in Berlin and Munich.

John H. McGlynn

John McGlynn is a co-founder of the Lontar Foundation, established in 1987 for the purpose of introducing Indonesia to the world

Marcella Melien

Since 2019 Marcella Melien works at Litprom e.V. in the areas of events, press work and social media.

Nora Bierich

In August 2021 Nora became first chairperson of the Weltlesebühne e.V., a network of literary translators, and she belongs to the curatorial team of translationale berlin, a festival for literary translations that first took place in October 2021. 

Dr. Florence Widmer

At Übersetzerhaus Looren she is primarily responsible for the areas of promoting young talents, grants and events, and she moderates discussions on literary translation.

Rosemarie Tietze

Rosemarie Tietze translates classic and contemporary Russian literature

Dr. Renate Birkenhauer

Since 2005 Vice-President of the Europäisches Übersetzer-Kollegiums in Straelen. 

Rangsima Tunsakul

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Library House Co., Ltd. and Managing Director Bangkok Book Festival

Christina M. Udiani

Currently she lives in Jakarta and works as senior editor at Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia (KPG), one of the publishers under the umbrella of Kompas Gramedia 

Naveen Kishore

Theatre lighting designer, photographer, publisher Seagull Books.

Jürgen Jakob Becker

Deputy Director LCB and Managing Director of Deutscher Übersetzerfonds and deputy head of the  Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (LCB) 

Larissa Bender

Nico Sandfuchs

Nico Sandfuchs has been working for the Goethe-Institut in various positions

Emeline Berton

After studying literature, Emeline Berton completed her master's degree

Pernille Starck

Pernille Starck studied archeology, history of art and book science