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Translators Profiles

Ashani Shalika Ranasinghe

Ashani Shalika Ranasinghe finished reading for her Bachelor of Arts at Kelaniya University in 2000

Piyakal Sinprasert

Freelance Translator and German Teacher

Jana Grohnert

Jana Grohnert is a PhD candidate in Literary Translation Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Sulagna Mukhopadhyay

As a student of Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University Sulagna Mukhopadhyay has always taken interest in translations. Her special interest lies in Gender Studies. She has written various articles on the reunification of Germany and its projection in the literary pieces of Christa Wolf, and they have got published in the English and Bengali journals from Kolkata. She had first translated two poems of Kathrin Schmidt for a renowned Bengali newspaper during the Festival of Germany in India. Then a book of Kathrin Schmidt’s poems translated by Sulagna Mukhopadhyay has been published by Jadapur University Press in 2020 during the Kolkata Book Fair. Currently she is working on the translation of Isabel Fargo Cole’s novel Die grüne Grenze. It is a funded project of Goethe-Institute, Munich and it will be published by Rritobak.

Sunanda Mahajan

Sunanda Mahajan earned a degree in German Studies from the University of Pune. After completing her teacher training in Hyderabad, she went to Mumbai and completed her Doctorate in Comparative Literature with a focus on women’s literature. Since 1984, she worked at the University of Pune and, since 2006, helt a Professorship for Literature and Literary Studies. Several research stays led her to Germany and Austria. She has been retired since June 2019. Sunanda Mahajan is the co-editor of a quarterly journal for translations that publishes Marathi translations of literary texts from various foreign languages. She has translated many texts for this magazine and other journals, primarily narratives, poems, and excerpts from novels and autobiographies. She was also involved in producing a trilingual dictionary for Marathi, Russian, and German. Sunanda Mahajan received support from the Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD) to spend a month in Vienna for the translation of Elfriede Jelinek’s Die Liebhaberinnen (Women as Lovers). She has received numerous awards for her translations. Sunanda Mahajan lives in Pune.

Naoko Hosoi

After studying German literature in Tokyo and in Cologne she started working as a freelance translator with a main focus on contemporary authors and children’s literature and also as a German teacher at universities in Tokyo and in Nagoya. She participated in the Merck Social Translating Project 2019 by Goethe-Institute Korea. She lives in Yokohama/Japan.

Niloufar Behin

Niloufar Behin, born in Shiraz, Iran, in 1971, now lives with her family in Tehran. She studied translation and interpreting with a focus on German language at Azad University in Tehran. After graduating in 1995, she continued her education through various courses and postgraduate studies, especially in the area of children's and youth literature in German language. Since 1992 and in addition to her activieties as a translator from German into Iranian language, she works on the publication of audio books for the blind at the Ershad library in Tehran. Since 2019 she als works at the translation department at CBC (The Children's Book Council of Iran).

Tiya Hapitiawati

Tiya Hapitiawati lives in Bogor and works a a literary translator from German language into Indonesian language. She graduated from Universitas Indonesia with a bachelor degree in Humanities, majoring German Studies, and with a masters degree in Linguistics in 2016. Apart from translating classical and contemporary works from German authors she is involved in several translation projects with Moooi Pustaka, a publishing firm based in Jakarta.


Ariuntsetseg was born in Baruun-Urt in Mongolia in 1976 and attended secondary schools in Mongolia and Buryatia in Russia. She finished secondary school at school number 13 in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. Her selective subject was Chinese language. After finishing school, she studied German at the National University of Mongolia (NUM) from 1994 to 1998. In 2001 she obtained her Masters in Comparative Linguistics from the University of Humanities in Ulan Bator. In 1999 she began her career as a German lecturer at her home university. She worked at NUM until 2005 before she went to study in Germany. In Germany she did her Masters in German as a Foreign Language (DaF) at the University of Kassel and worked as a German teacher at the Institute for Languages in Kassel. In 2012 Ariuntsetseg Ganbold returned to Mongolia and worked at Monsudar Verlag as executive editor until May 2021. In addition to her work as executive editor, she also translated books from German into Mongolian with a focus on humanities such as pedagogy, social science, linguistics and psychology. She also does literary translations. She is currently working on the translation of the book Xi Jin Ping – der mächtigste Mann der Welt by Stefan Aust and Adrian Geiges.